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Adelaide Shahir l Hen l Herd Member by AgentDarkhorse Adelaide Shahir l Hen l Herd Member by AgentDarkhorse
Here is my lil calico baby that I adore. She is a precious lil flower that will have big plots later in life. Since Su is not her dad and I don't think he will claim her unless he really likes her so she has Rayya's last name. 

Basic Information:

Name:  Adelaide
Meaning: Of a noble Kin 
Nickname: Ada
Gender: Hen

Breed: Anomalous Equine. 
Bloodline: Saraph 100%
Age: 2 
Birth Season: Late Summer, Year 1993 of the New Generation
Eye Color: Green
Build: Light
Projected Height: 11 hh
Phenotype: Calico Liver Chestnut (Mushroom Carrier)
Genotype: eme/AA/ClCl
Design Sheet: Pool Design | December #104

Wings (Automatic), Omnivorous Digestive System (Automatic), Feathers, Talons, Mutated Eye Color

Herd Information:

Herd: Saraph
Herd Rank: Herd Member
Current Location: Within the Royal Aviary with Her Adoptive Mama and brother 

Personal Information:

Sire: Unknown NPC
Dam: Unknown NPC - Adopted by Rayya l Hen l Merchant
Mate(s): Too young people!

Offspring: Ewww no, thank you she is just a baby herself.

She was once a playful and happy baby, but after the meteor fell her world was shattered. The filly was in the midst of the attack from the sky but being so young she had no idea what was happening. She was alone and confused in the aftermath, making her withdraw from every thing. She is now a solemn and withdrawn child who needs emotional support and love to bring her back from the horrors she had witnessed.  
Born to a Saraph slaver and his healer mate at the end of summer in 1993. They loved her and she was happy, following her mother around and trying to learn from her ways. Life was practically perfect and that was when Induala struck the Saraphs down with her rage. In a second Adelaide was an orphan and left in the wake of the damage. What was worse was that her parents were relatively low class leaving her an unknown foal without parents or a name she could remember. She was found by Rayya when the hen was trying to repair her shop. Not having the heart to turn the young chick over to slavers where most orphans went; she took her home and gave her the name Adelaide and caring for her like one of her own. 

Skills & Talents:

Ability: Mage (+ 15 Magic Cap)

Herbs/Medicine: 0/100 [No Level | Build Cap: 100 Points  | Age Cap:  0 points max.]

Magic Type: Wind Magic
Magic Level: 12/115 [No Level | Build Cap: 100 Points + 15 Mage Bonus  = 115 | Age Cap:  0 points max.]

Agility: 15/100 [No Level | Build Cap: 100 Points  | Age Cap:  0 points max.]
Stamina: 15/100 [No Level | Build Cap: 100 Points  | Age Cap:  0 points max.]
Strength: 3/25 [No Level | Build Cap: 25 Points  | Age Cap:  0 points max.]

Experience: 0

Points Breakdown:


+14 agility - base bonus
+10 stamina - base bonus
+1 strength - base bonus
+1 agility - starter bonus
+5 stamina - starter bonus
+2 strength - starter bonus
+12 magic - starter bonus

Design (C) strideroo 
Art and Character (C) AgentDarkhorse

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