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Ask l Stag l Glenmore l Lord by AgentDarkhorse Ask l Stag l Glenmore l Lord by AgentDarkhorse
The Prince's Men by strideroo

Basic Information

Name: Lord Ask
Nickname:  None, Lord Ask is just fine.
Gender: Stag
Age: 14
Year of Birth: Year 753 of the New Age 
Height: 11.1hh
Build: Medium
Phenotype: Smokey Black Part Restricted Classic Fawn
Genotype: Ee/aa/nCr/fwfw/nrz
Eye Colour: Bright Amber which gives him a very warm gaze.
Design SheetLord Ask Design

Bloodline: 100% Glenmore
Magic Type: Earth Magic

Sire: Lord Thrain (NPC)
DamPrincess Alette


Thraig | Stag | Royal Guardsman l 752 l Alive
Princess Embla l Doe l Year 753 l Alive
Lord Alexander | Stagling | Herd Member l 763 l Alive
Lilla | Filly | Princess l 765 l Alive
Signy | Hind | Princess l 765 l Alive

Ask's Family Tree:…

Skill Points

Speed: 3 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 15 points max)
Stamina: 4 [Basic Level]
Strength: 5 [Basic Level]

Magic: 15 [Medium Level]
Herbs: 0 [Basic Level]

Experience: 0


+2 speed - base bonus
+4 stamina - base bonus
+4 strength - base bonus
+1 strength - starter bonus
+10 magic - starter bonus
+ 3 magic - Between Mothers and Sons
+ 2 magic - Let me Ask you this
+1 speed - Let me Ask you this

Herd Information

Herd: Glenmore
Herd Position: Lord
Mate(s): None 
Current Location: The Royal Glade; Glenmore


The Intimate and Romantic Stuff
Orientation: Heterosexual 
Mate: None

Lord Hogarth l 765 l Out of Lady Nadina
Unnamed Colt l 766 l Out of Lady Wynestelle
Lady Lettie l 766 l Out of Lady Nadina

Light colored does, and royals. He defiantly prefers royals over commoners.
Looking for:
 Lasting Relationship
✘ Quick Fling
✘ Not Looking

Intimate Relationships: 
Bullet; Yellow Kissed
Bullet; Red Slept with
Bullet; Black Regret

Bullet; YellowBullet; BlackBullet; Red Lady Nadina l NCP
Bullet; RedBullet; YellowLady Wynestelle

Current Attractions: Lady Wynestelle | Doe | Glenmore Royal (This lovely lady has captured Ask's attention leaving him a bit smitten)
Past Attractions: None
First Kiss: Who cares
Virginity: #Lostit #Blessed

The Every Day, Every Fawnling Stuff

Bullet; RedBullet; Red -Loath/Despise
Bullet; Red -Discomfort
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black -Suspicious
Bullet; Black -Acquaintance/Curious
Bullet; White -Respect
Bullet; Orange -Enemy
Bullet; Blue -Friend
Bullet; Green -Best Friend
Bullet; Yellow -Crush
Bullet; Pink -Love
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink -Mate
Bullet; Purple-Family


Bullet; PurpleBullet; PinkBullet; GreenBullet; White Alette l Doe l Glenmore Princess l Mother: Alette is Ask's favorite person in the whole world. His mother and him have always had a special bond. Though he would never admit it he is a huge mama's boy and is always seeking her approval. He loves to tease her and bring her happiness whenever he can. He feels bad that as he has ages he and his mother don't spend as much time together as they used to.

Bullet; PurpleBullet; PinkBullet; WhiteThrain l Stag l Glenmore Lord l Father: Ask's father was an honorable stag. He always respected and loved him with all his heart. He has very fond memories of being taught by his father and being coddled with his siblings by him. Ask misses his father dearly and wishes he was still around but he also has come to accept the fact his father is gone. 

Bullet; PurpleBullet; PinkBullet; WhiteBullet; Blue Thraig l Stag l Glenmore Royal Guard l Brother: Ask has the best older brother. Sure Thraig is a bit stoic and not as outgoing as Ask but he has his own values that make him amazing. Ask sometimes thinks it's a little odd that his brother would give up royal life to become a guard, but he has the up most respect for the title. He loves to tease his older brother, especially in front of does. 

Bullet; PurpleBullet; PinkBullet; Blue Embla l Doe l Glenmore Princess l Sister: Embla is Ask's baby sister and in his eyes she will always be a baby. He is very protective over her and only wants the best for her. When they were younger they would spend the days playing and talking but now with her being married and Ask being a busy lord the pair really doesn't see each other.

Bullet; PurpleBullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Red Gobin l Stag l Glenmore Lord l Brother-in-Law: Ask has nothing nice to say about the stag. He believes Embla is too good for him. He'd never say anything out loud but he doesn't particularly make Gobin feel welcome in the family.

Bullet; PurpleBullet; BlueBullet; PinkEden l Doe l Glenmore Princess l Niece: wip

Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; BlueBullet; WhiteBullet; Yellow  Lady Wynestelle | Doe | Glenmore Royal: Ask has grown quite fond of the young doe. The daughter of the queenis a soft soul and he finds himself more and more attracted to her. Now that she has carried his second child Ask wants nothing more than to keep her by his side and dote on her. We will see if that is how it plays out. 







 |Charming - Intelligent  - Witty - Flirty - Kind - Royal|

Charming: Ask got his father's charm for sure. His silver tongue is good at winning battles of wit and smoothing over tough situations. He uses this to keep in good standing with the other royals and apease the higher ups. 

Intelligent: He is a smart stag, raised to have a wealth of knowledge of the world. He likes to learn things and finds it interesting to hear other's view points. As a fawn he constantly was asking questions and investigating things, but now he much more enjoys having verbal spars with other royals.

Flirty: Ask is a devilish fellow. He can make the ladies knees weak with a few well placed words and with a few well placed eyebrow wiggles thrown in there. He enjoys flirting and unless you're a commoner her gonna throw everything he can at you to try and charm you into being his.

Kind: While most of Ask's personality and looks are claimed by his father, the dark stag takes after his mother with a kind and gentle heart. He is very sweet and would do anything to help if someone is in trouble. He has never been as unmoving, like his older brother is. But many find him more approachable because of that.  As a younger colt he wore his heart on his sleeve, which helped him create such a close bond with his mother.

Royal: While Ask is still an all-around good guy, he is still a royal. He never goes out of his way to berate a commoner but he does pretend they don't exist. He keeps his noes high and rank visible at all times. But if he did have to talk to a commoner (in a very dire situation of course) He wouldn't really know what to do. Should he talk to it? Ignore it? Does he just stand ther? What the heck is he supposed to do with his hands? What?

Strengths : Exceptional vocabulary, Very quick witted, Can hold his ground in a fight, Being royal, ignoring people he does not like.

Weaknesses : Pretty Royal does with light coats and big pretty eyes, Being dirty (to him getting dirt on his coat is like being stabbed), Not very fast, Easily forgets things.

Likes : Being close to his family, staying clean, being admired for his looks/heritage, Winking at does.

Dislikes : Hot summer days, Birds singing in the early morning, Commoners and Royals being too friendly with each other, Servants disrespecting royals, Gobin, Being dirty.

Fears :  Losing his mother, Losing his title, Dying young, Seeing his family hurt, Not Being Able to Sire Children.

Hopes : To please his mother, To have a strong family, To represent his father and honor his soul.




Trinket/Accessory: Description
None Yet


He has one scar in the middle of his right eyebrow from cutting himself on his father's rack as a child.

Other Interesting Tidbits


Inherited Traits

Ask got his father's sturdiness and attitude. He also got his dark color and body type, making him an almost spitting image of the stag.

Ask got his mother's kindness and her soft touch. He learned a lot more from her while he followed more in his fathers looks. He did get wavy hair from his mother, unlike his father's straight locks.

 Voice Actor

Chris Pratt: In literary anything he is in...


 Theme Songs


Bullet; Yellow Roleplays and Artwork Bullet; Yellow

-Year 753:

Year 754:

Year 755:

Year 756:

Year 757:

Year 758:

Year 759:

Year 760:

-Year 761:

-Year 762:




The Prince's Address
The Prince's Men


-Year 763:



Between Mothers and Sons
+3 Magic l collab lit l 1000 - 1999 words

Let me Ask you this
+ 2 Magic l collab lit l 1000 - 1999 words
+ 1 Speed l collab lit l 1000 - 1999 words



-Year 764:





-Year 765:





A Second Meeting
*Lil Lord Ask is made Heart

-Year 766





-Year 767





-Year 768





-Year 769





-Year 770





Other Art

-Ask Old Ref 

Ask's design and concept (C) strideroo 
Character and art (C )AgentDarkhorse
Glenmore Background (C) fishiefawns 
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