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Jumelle l Glenmore l Haven Colt l Fawn by AgentDarkhorse Jumelle l Glenmore l Haven Colt l Fawn by AgentDarkhorse
:new: EDIT :new:
Here is James' long over due ref! Sorry everyone for the wait, life has been really hectic!

(This is just a temp ref! His real ref will be done shortly. I am just letting the paint dry! He is the colt in the front of this picture! And show Shireling-Archer some love for doing this collab piece with me!)

Basic Information

Name: Prince Jumelle
Meaning/Story Behind the Name: Before Gwen ever knew she was going to have twins, she came up with quite the complicated idea for a name. Though it was a mouthful, she had almost certainly decided on Jumellejudicaël. Although the name sounded long winded and ridiculous, Gwen was rather set on it, but when her birthing time came, everything changed. After having the first of her two fawns, Gwen realized that she was having twins and that she would need two names. So she split the names, remembering that the two pieces had their own seperate meanings. So the first born twin was named Jumelle, a French word for "twin" although it is the feminine version, she was exhausted and did not realize this, after her passing, out of respect for Gwen, the name was not changed. 
Nickname: James (Seriously just call him James) , Jamie (Only called that by Ju) Jumello (How can you not see some fawnling that ate too many mushrooms calling him that? )
Gender: Colt
Age: 1 - A Year Old Mess of Curls and Fluff
Year of Birth: 762 of the New Age (5)
Height: 10.2 hh (Predicted)
Build: Light-medium
Phenotype: Gold Champagne Partially Restricted Fawn
Genotype: ee/Ata/Ff/nCh/fwfw/nrz
Eye Colour: Green
Design Sheet Doubletrouble - Dru x Gwen 762 Fawn Designs by TigressDesign

Bloodline: 100% Glenmore
Magic Type: Earth 

SireDrustan | Stag | King of Glenmore
DamGwenaelle | Doe | Glenmore Royal

Spring-Summer 758
  1. Crown Prince Raeghan played by IthilFaer (Princess BóAnn played by fulociraptor)
  2. Lady Adraste played by Wild-Catx (Adrianne played by LiddleCherry)
  3. Lady Aulwyn played by Nixxily  (Tikva played by IthilFaer)
  4. Duke Brennan played by saltyearthmango (Chiarro played by suga-daddy) DECEASED (Late Winter 760, Pneumonia)
  5. Duke Ronan played by geometric-harmartia (Luz played by geometric-harmartia)
  6. Duke Dubhán played by KinG-FaWn (Astatine played by Inupait)
  7. Duke Dornröschen played by MoonShinersDaughter (Apiun played by Araylen)
Spring 759
  1. Princess Aveline played by ChrissyMax (Princess BóAnn played by fulociraptor)
  2. Prince Conan played by Dyrin (Lady Amaniel played by RusticLass)
  3. Prince Glenór played by DatNachtmaehre (Lady Fae played by DatNachtmaehre)
  4. Lady Neoma played by saltyearthmango (Lady Fae played by DatNachtmaehre)
  5. Lady Jasmin played by knowitall123 (Minerva played by purpleshadowbooster)
  6. Lady Orchid played by purpleshadowbooster (Minerva played by purpleshadowbooster)
  7. Lady Esmae played by MythicalPrancer (Chiarro played by suga-daddy)
  8. Prince Caeluan played by fishiefawns (Lady Gwenaelle played by Seele-Studio)
  9. Lady Daenerys played by ElunaTalnae (Emmory played by twilght-incantations)
  10. Duke Elodi played by orengel (Dall played by athena102)
  11. Lady Isabaeu played by athena102 (Dall played by athena102)
  12. Prince Vilkas played by Colboltz (Lady Elara played by Colboltz)
Spring-Summer 761
  1. Prince Derryth played by decors (Princess Fenella played by decors)
  2. Florentine played by Seele-Studio (Silvanus x Gwenaelle played bySeele-Studio)
  3. Princess Naminé played by ThePaisley (Princess BóAnn played by fulociraptor)
  4. Lady Vaati played by merakki (Chiarro played by suga-daddy)
  5. Lady Colleen  played by DovieCaba (Lady Fae played by DatNachtmaehre)

Skill Points

Speed: 3 [No Level]
Stamina: 4 [No Level]
Strength: 3 [No Level] (Build Cap: 19 points max)

Magic: 27 [No Level] 
Herbs: 0 [No Level]

Experience: 0


+3 speed - base bonus
+4 stamina - base bonus
+3 strength - base bonus
+27 magic - hereditary bonus

Herd Information

Herd: Glenmore Haven Splinter Herd
Herd Position: A Baby :)
Mate(s): None - too young
Current Location: Haven, Glenmore


The Intimate and Romantic Stuff
Orientation: Heterosexual 
Mate: None
Fawns: None

Preferences: James is just a baby people calm down. Give him like 10 years to think on it.

Looking for:
✘ Lasting Relationship
✘ Quick Fling
✘ Unsure
✔ Not Looking

Intimate Relationships: 
Bullet; Yellow Kissed
Bullet; Red Slept with
Bullet; White Fawns with
Bullet; Black Regret

Current Attractions: None
Past Attractions: None
First Kiss: Not Yet
Virginity: Quite Chaste, gross

The Every Day, Every Fawnling Stuff

Bullet; RedBullet; Red -Loath/Despise
Bullet; Red -Discomfort
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black -Suspicious
Bullet; Black -Acquaintance/Curious
Bullet; White -Respect
Bullet; Orange -Enemy
Bullet; Blue -Friend
Bullet; Green -Best Friend
Bullet; Yellow -Crush
Bullet; Pink -Love
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink -Mate
Bullet; Purple -Family


Bullet; PurpleBullet; WhiteBullet; Black | Drustan | Stag | King of Glenmore |Daddy| TigressDesign -Thoughts: James has the upmost respect for his father. At times he can find the idea of his father being King a bit intimidating making his father more of a mythical being rather than his good old dad. He's never really spoken to him, only seen him a few times up close. But that doesn't bother him, his Mom is there and that's all he needs. 

Bullet; PurpleBullet; BlackBullet; White | Gwenaelle | Doe | Glenmore Royal |Biological Mother|Seele-Studio - Thoughts: James has always been told his mother had passed away while having him. Which is sad but it doesn't really cross his mind that often. It's hard to be sad about someone you never knew. To him BcAnn is his real mom and that is that.

Bullet; PurpleBullet; PinkBullet; White | BoAnn | Doe  | Princess |Mommy| fulociraptor - Thoughts: James' mommy is the best! Shes nice and loving and the best. Sure he has other siblings but James totally thinks he has a special bond with his mom. James is defiantly a mama's boy and looks to get her approval on everything; well except when he's naughty. He doesn't ask for permission then. 

Bullet; PurpleBullet; GreenBullet; Pink | Ju | Colt | Prince |Twin Brother| Shireling-Archer - Thoughts: Ju is Jamie's best friend and his doppelganger. They are two peas in a pod and you can't see one without the other being close behind. They make each other happy and together they feel safe. While James is more outgoing then Ju he still looks to his brother for guidance and input in times where he is unsure what to do. 







 |Curious- Proud- Charming- Mischievous - Defiant|

|Curious| With James being so young the colt is dying to know everything about everything. His favorite word is 'Why?' Much to his mother's chagrin. He isn't afraid to stick his nose into new things; which usually ends with him running back to mommy crying and telling her about the awful, terrible, and scary thing that poked him. He never learns from these lessons and will repeat his investigations over and over even if he gets the same results each time. If there is something to be discovered then James will discover it, you have his word as a prince.

|Proud & BraveBeing a prince means James inherited a level of pride and bravery that most fawnlings never seem to achieve. From the day he was born it seemed he knew he was born of good blood (Well good at that moment, that will change) and he seemingly decided to be awfully noble as a small child. He isn't afraid to fight off bullies or chase a curious fox or two that slipped past the royal guards. He will stand up for what is right within the herd and never let anyone (his shy brother Ju) be teased or be treated as a lesser. 

|CharmingJames has quite an air about him. At the moment fillies and does think he is just adorable, but as he grows Jumelle will realize the power in his good looks and wit. He is a prince after all, charm is coded into his genetics (Even if he is not going to be a prince for long). He figures out his sweet words and well place complements can get him out of trouble in a jiffy. This will be expanded more in the future because it's kind of hard for a newborn to be charming; right now he's just cute.

|Mischievous| Just because he is a golden son of the king that does not mean that James likes to be a good little prince all the time. He is a thrill seeker and dare devil. He's always got an itch for a little bit of trouble and can easily find it when Ju helps out. Now James doesn't like to play mean tricks, he just likes to confuse and make others wonder. Nothing really harmful in that...

|DefiantJames is a bit of a spoiled colt. He doesn't usually take now for an answer.Sometimes he can be quite a rude little prince. But this isn't his fault. There's a lot of pressure on the little guy, sometimes he just has to take a stand and think he knows more than adults. While usually a wonderful listener and good prince he has his moments where he just has to ignore what he is told and just does what he wants.

Strengths : Brave, Strong, Kind, Intelligent, Good Manners, Charming;

Weaknesses : Foolish, Gullible, Feminine Looking, Hyper, Dependent on his Brother;

Likes : Playing Tricks, Running Around, Investigating, Bouncing, Making Faces (The bad kind that Mama says if he keeps making them they'll get stuck on his face)

Dislikes : Baths, When His Daddy is Strict, Getting in Trouble, When Ju is Sad.
Fears : Ju being taken away, Mama not wanting him anymore, Being stolen by blackwoods, Having everyone hate him; 
Hopes : To have a big old adventure, To stay with Ju forever, To find treasure, To grow big strong antlers;



Jumelle is a lithe colt. Due to him being a twin he is a bit on the short side but with all the nutritious food he will grow to be a big strong stag. He is a curly little boy, who takes after his father in apperance with only hints of his bio-mom hidden in the fold, the biggest thing he got from her is his golden coat. 


Trinket/Accessory: Description
None Yet


Scar/Placement: Description
None Yet


He was born to a doe who didn't make it, now he is being raised by Princess BoAnn along side her children with his twin Ju.

Other Interesting Tidbits

 Bullet; Green Jumelle and Judicaël share a sort of telepathic connection as some twins have been observed to share, they can't speak to each other telepathically, but they can almost feel each other. If one were to get seriously frightened or injured, the other would feel it, at least partially. Emotions are shared strongly by these two, even when they are miles apart. This may fade slightly as they get older, but because they are young and cannot focus on much else besides each other, let alone talk, their mental connection is strong.

Inherited Traits

From Gwen

Adventurous Spirit
Golden Coat

From Dru

Curly Hair

 Voice Actor

Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense/Pay it Forward) 

 Theme Songs


- Year 762


The Miracle of Birth, The Tragedy of Death

Two Rays of Hope

King Creche 762


Innocent Trouble...Times Two  
+2 Stamina - collab lit - 400-999 words 

Princess BoAnn's baby horde...



- Year 762





Art (C) AgentDarkhorse Shireling-Archer 
Design (C ) TigressDesign 
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