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Rayya Shahir l Hen l Merchant by AgentDarkhorse Rayya Shahir l Hen l Merchant by AgentDarkhorse
Finally got my butt in gear and finished her wings, lets say water color paper and wings do not go well. :faint:

:iconanomalous-chronicles: :iconanomalous-chronicles: :iconanomalous-chronicles:

:bulletgreen: RP STATUS: Open, for pretty much anything!
Bullet; Red BREEDING STATUS: Closed,  she will choose if she wants a chick

Basic Information:

Name: Rayya Shahir
Nickname: Ray, Lady Rayya
Gender: Hen (Female)

Breed: Anomalous Equine. 
Bloodline: 100% Saraph
Age: 15 Years old
Birth Season: Summer, Year 1980 of the New Generation.
Eye Color: Blue.
Build: Medium-Light
Height: 10.2 hh
Pangare Chestnut Tobiano Overo (Feathers are a mix of red hawk and snowy owl due to her paint pattern)
Design Sheet: Rayya l Free Creation Design

Wings (Automatic), Omnivorous Digestive System (Automatic), Feathers, Talons

Herd Information:

Herd: Saraph.
Herd Rank: Merchant
Current Location: Typically near the Market

Personal Information:

Voice Actor: Peggy Lee… /…
Sire: Hamond (Pure Saraph
Yolanda (Pure Saraph Hen).

Mate(s): Khonsu | Tiercel | Mercenary

Simeon Al-Taj l Tiercel Herd Memberl Summer 1994
Adelaide Shahir l Hen l Herd Member l Spring 1993 (Adopted)

Rayya is quite vain and demanding; she has to be to survive and succeed in the world she was born into. Being the only child of an elderly, but wealthy merchant with questionable fertility has made her a spoiled brat. From the beginning her father doted on her and groomed her to be a cunning business leader. Being his only child he left everything to her when he passed away. Rayya is bold and won't let any male push her around, especially in the market place where she has to bargain for new raw materials and manage her employees that sell her wares. Her personality draws her to love all things beautiful and delicate, making her a hoarder of pretty jewelry. She will constantly decorate herself in the luxurious items and flaunt her wealth and power as she pleases. While she might seem like a weathered rock that is hard on others she does have a bit of a soft side deep, deep, deep, DEEP, down.

Born to an elderly tiercel and a very young hen, Rayya grew up being the light of her father, and aunt's lives. While her mother was disinterested with the chick the other three taught her a grand number of things. Her aunt Flora taught her music and art, while Lorili taught her how to be flirty and passify the opposite sex with her beauty and charm. Her father was her greatest teacher, showing her how to understand the economy and how to manage workers and slaves properly, by the time she was 7 she was running a number of branches in her father's business.
Only a few short years later Hamond passed in his old age, leaving his elaborate home and business to his daughter to do with as she pleased. Her aunts had feared they would be sold off for the highest price to tiercels that wanted them for their harem but Rayya would have none of it, even if her mother liked the idea of having the palace of a home to herself. Ray protected her family  and hired a few guards that wouldn't mind working for a crafty hen, then she started to build her name. Working to become a well renowned business owner in the Saraph herd. There were a few stumbles in the beginning, until she found another little, secret, business to get her hooves dirty in. A back door repo man was not the most glamorous title, but as long as it was not well known she was fine with lending her aid (slaves and hired workers)to the poor and pathetic souls that needed help building homes of their own and in doing so gaining some wares or other valuable items in return. And if they didn't pay, well... what was a few more bodies in the desert?
Over the years her power has grown, she no longer has to do any dirty work, and really she doesn't do any work at all. She can afford to delegate jobs to others, but that doesn't mean she wont check on her livelihood daily.

Skills & Talents:

Ability: Hawkeye [
+10 to Agility Skill Cap]

Herbs/Medicine: 0/100 [No Level | Age Cap: 74 points max.]

Magic Type: Fire
Magic Level: 16/100 [Basic Level]

Agility: 32/110 [Medium Level  | Age Cap: 74 points max.]
Stamina: 24/100 [Medium Level | Age Cap: 74 points max.]
Strength: 2/30 [Basic Level | Age Cap: 74 points max.]

Experience: 0.

Points Breakdown:

+ 12 Agility - Build Bonus.
+ 10 Stamina - Build Bonus.
+ 2 Strength - Build Bonus.
+ 5 Magic - Starter Bonus.
+ 8 Agility - Starter Bonus.
+ 7 Stamina - Starter Bonus.
+ 3 Agility -
And The Stars Danced
+ 1 Agility - Response to Meteor Mini-Event
+ 3 Magic - Catch a Falling Star
+5 Magic - I See Fire
+2 Stamina - I See Fire
+2 Magic - Khonsu x Rayya
+4 Agility - Act Like Ladies
+2 Stamina -Act Like Ladies
+3 Stamina - Lady in the Water
+4 Agility - The Stars Have Fallen
+1 Magic - The Stars Have Fallen


Year 1980:
- Is Born!
Year 1981:

Year 1982:

Year 1983:

Year 1984:

Year 1985:

Year 1986:

Year 1987:


Act Like Ladies

+ 4 Skill Points - 1000-1999 word lit [Skill Shown.]
Collaboration Lit - +2 Skill Points

Year 1988:

Year 1989:

Year 1990:

- Spring

I See Fire

+ 5 Skill Points - 2000+ word lit [Skill Shown.]
Collaboration Lit - +2 Skill Points [Does not have to show skill being used.]




Year 1991:

Year 1992:



And The Stars Danced
+ 3 Skill Points - Fullbody + Detailed BG [No Skill Shown.]

Catch a Falling Star
+ 3 Skill Points - 400-999 word lit [Skill Shown.]



Year 1993:





Khonsu x Rayya
+ 2 Skill Point - Fullbody + No/Simple BG [Skill Shown Optional.]

Year 1994:


Lady in the Water
+3 Skill Points- Headshot/Partial-body + Detailed BG [Skill Shown]


Simeon is Born!


The Stars Have Fallen [ Event Reply]
+4 - 1000-1999 Word Lit [Skill Shown]
+1 - Mini-Event Response (Lit)


Year 1995:

Year 1996:

Year 1997:

Year 1998:

Year 1999:

Year 2000:

(C) AgentDarkhorse
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IthilFaer Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
She's gorgeous! And you're absolutely right, she'll need to meet Aaru! :la:
AgentDarkhorse Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Whenever youre up for it let me know. I can set up a doc ;)
Arkneos404 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eee, you have no idea how happy I am to see a traditional artist in the group!! Rayya looks gorgeous, and her jewelry is freaking fantastic.
AgentDarkhorse Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like her, I hope my traditional will do the group justice
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